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Sleepwalking Edith Up by rabbidlover01 Sleepwalking Edith Up by rabbidlover01
(Epic Pucca Season 1, Episode 5a)

Pucca and Finn helps Rayman and the nymphs catch a sleepwalking Edith Up.
Main characters:
- Pucca
- Finn
- Rayman
- Betilla
- Edith Up (Rayman Origins)
- Holly Luya (Rayman Origins)
- Annetta Fish (Rayman Origins)
- Helena Handbasket (Rayman Origins)
- Sonic
- Ed
- Edd
- Eddy
- Princess Bubblegum
- Marceline
- Garu

Minor characters:
- Jake
- Tobe
- Princess Plump (Fat Princess)
- Princess Muffintop (Fat Princess)
- Sarah
- Red Guy
- Finn and Jake's Tree Fort -
- 10 PM -

Finn: Thanks for coming over here tonight, Pucca.
Pucca: Yuh-huh. *rolls out her sleeping bag*
Jake: We got another ordinary day coming at us tomorrow. Good night, homie.
Finn: *blows out candle* Good night, homie. *sighs*
Pucca: *sighs*

- 1 AM -

*door creaks*

Pucca: Hm?
Finn: What the huh?

*glass breaks*

Finn: It's coming from downstairs.
Pucca: Oooh.
Finn: Let's go man-handle his banandles!
Pucca: ???
Finn: All right, crook. Wherever you are, I got a sword and I'm not afraid to use it. *hears something from the fridge*
Pucca: Hmm.. *slowly opens the fridge*

*Pucca and Finn get surprised when they see Edith Up, the Gourmet Fairy, in his fridge, sleep-eating*

Finn: Edith Up? The gourmet fairy? You nearly scared me and Pucca out of us! Do you know what time it is!?

*Edith did not answered his question and kept eating*

Finn: You know what, Pucca? I think she's sleepwalking.
Pucca: Ooh.
Finn: Where are you? Stop! Where are you going with all my food!?

*Edith Up sleep-flies to her next destination*

Finn: What is going on here?
Betilla: Finn the Human!
Rayman: You guys, too!?
Pucca: Huh?
Finn: Rayman? Betilla? And the other fairies of the Glade of Dreams? Do you guys know about this?
Holly Luya: It appears that our sister is sleepwalking.
Finn: We better get some more help.

- Eddy's House -

Edd: Eddy? Eddy? Oh.... Eddy, are you awake?
Eddy: Er.....
Edd: This is an emergency!
Ed: Hi, Eddy!
Eddy: Who turned off the sun?
Edd: Good, you're awake!
Rayman: We got a problem here!
Betilla: Edith was first at my house, cleanin' out my fridge, then the other sisters, then Finn's house, then Double D's house. We asked her, talked to her, but no reaction! She just kept eating!
Finn: Are you getting this here!? Edith Up is sleepwalking!
Eddy: *yawns*

*door opens and see Edith Up carrying Eddy's food out*

Eddy: Where's she going with all my food?
Helena: She's in one of her sleepwalking adventures, taking and eating every last piece of food she sees!
Eddy: !? You know, you scared me when you talked like that.
Finn: That's close enough.
Pucca: Yuh-huh.
Rayman: Let's go see what Edith's up to.

- Princess Bubblegum's Castle -

PB: *snoring* Hope no one takes my stash of fudge.

*Edith Up finds PB's secret fudge stash and ate the whole bag, and flies out of the window*

PB: Huh? Wha? What the nuts?
Finn: Princess?
PB: Finn?
Finn: We got a problem...

- Marceline's House -

*Everyone followed her to Marceline's house, and sees Marceline trying to tame Edith's eating*

Marceline: *grunts* Come here, you little.....
Edith Up: *snoring*

*Edith turns the kitchen light by mistake*

Marceline: *hisses* *rubs her eyes from the light bulb's brightness*
Finn: Marceline! Are you okay?
Marceline: Yeah. She went after my box of strawberries, and she ate the whole box.
Finn: Don't worry. We have to follow her, so we can't lose her.

- Garu's House -

Garu: *snoring*

*clatter, clatter, clatter*

Garu: *opens his eyes* Eh? *looks around* Hmmmm... *hears sounds coming from the kitchen* *pulls out his sword*

*Garu makes his way to kitchen and then.....*

Garu: GYAH! ......!? *sees Edith Up eating all of his food*
Edith Up: *hiccups*
Finn: Grab her! *pounces on Edith Up, but failed, as she flew out the window again* Come on, Garu! We have to stop her!
Garu: Mm-hmm!

- Tobe's Fortress -

*Edith Up opens Tobe's fridge and starts eating his food while Tobe and his ninjas sleep*

Finn: I hope she doesn't wake Tobe.
Edd: This is not good.
Eddy: This is rich, Double D! Have a seat, front row center to the greatest show on Earth! *eats some popcorn*
Annetta Fish: Are you going to share those?

*They watched Edith Up eat like it was a movie, Edith Up eats all of Tobe's food, then she holds out a cookie, sniffs it, tosses it in the air and eats it*

Betilla: She's quite talented.
Rayman: I didn't know where she puts it all.
Pucca: Yuh-huh.
Eddy: I know, right?


Eddy: ??? Where'd she go?
Tobe: Huh? What is this foul stench? Mother?
Holly Luya: Do you think she swallowed herself?

*They hear a cry of help, and they found Tobe in Edith's mouth*

Tobe: Help! Help me! What's going on here!?
Everyone: !?
Finn: *closes door* I don't think they should do that on TV.
PB: I'm beginning to fear the worst.
Edd: I can't look.

*Finn slowly opens the door and sees Tobe, shivering and covered in saliva*

Tobe: S-s-so dark. So m-m-moist.
Rayman: She spit Tobe back out.
Pucca: Phew!
Eddy: Let's go! I don't wanna miss Edith getting heartburn.

- Grassy Plains -

*Finn sees Sonic, confused*

Finn: Sonic!
Sonic: Guys!
Eddy: Look at all this!
Betilla: Edith Up must have left a trail of food scraps.
Sonic: At first, I thought it was a dream. But it's not.
Marceline: This is getting complicated.
Edd: Sleepwalking and eating everyone's food is one thing. But, littering!?
Eddy: Check it out, you guys!
Ed: Too cool!
Eddy: Edith Up ate a whole crate of Yoshi cookies!
Betilla: This might be dangerous.
Sonic: Then let's get a move on!

*They followed the trail to Ed's house*

- Ed's House -

Eddy: We're leading right to it.
Finn: Look! *sees a sausage line going through Ed's window*
Eddy: *grabs the sausage line* AHA! Gotcha! *gets pulled into Ed's room*
PB: Is it safe?
Marceline: Yep. Must be the whole hoard.
Eddy: Finders keepers!
Finn: Uh, guys? *points at Edith Up*
Eddy: What? *sees Edith Up, snickers*

*Edith Up sleeps on piles of food, stuffed and exhausted*

Eddy: *laughs uncontrollably*
Annetta Fish: Edith Up seems quite content among all of this food.
Marceline: Yeah, like a beached whale. *laughs*
Eddy: *climbs on Edith Up* She looks so natural. Oh, Edith? Edith? WAKE UP, GOLDILOCKS! *shakes Edith Up, waking her up*
Edith Up: !?! *looks around* Sisters? Wh-what's going on? Are we having a slumber party?
Nymphs: No.
PB: Did you know that you walked in your sleep, consuming all of the food within a 5 to 10 block radius of your bed.
Edith Up: Maybe. Uh, what do you mean?
PB: *shows Edith her empty bag* You ate my secret fudge stash.
Marceline: And my box of strawberries.
Edith Up: Oh yeah. I think I remembered.
Finn: You remembered, all right. *pokes Edith's over-stuffed belly*
Sonic: You're like a vacuum.
Eddy: Yeah, you ate everything. Including Tobe.
Edith Up: I did? *her pants button pops out, releasing her belly* W-wow! What a belly! Uh, help me, you guys!
Eddy: Don't worry. We'll sleepover so we can keep an eye out for you. Got any extra blankets, Ed? *opens closet, releasing an avalanche of food*
Marceline/Pucca: *giggles*
Edith Up: *stomach groans* *groans* I couldn't walk much longer.
Ed: Come on, Edith. Time for bed. *carries Edith Up to his bed*

*everyone sleeps, until Edith Up starts sleepwalking again*
*glass breaks*

Finn: What the...!?
Sonic: She's walking in her sleep again!

*Edith Up pulls the rope off of her and throws the mattress out, disturbing Sarah*

Sarah: ED!
Finn: Uh...
Rayman: Oop.
Sarah: Ed! SHUT UP!

*Edith walks up to a Warp Pipe*

Betilla: How come she's so chubby, but quick?
PB: She's heading for Titania!
Finn: Let's get it on!
Garu: Hm!

*They followed her to Titania, raiding the red castle and the blue castle with the guards sleeping*

Helena: What in the...?

*Edith Up eats all of the Princess Plump's cake*

Plump: *mumbles* Keep the change.

*Edith Up flies to the blue castle and takes all of the Princess Muffintop's cake*

Muffintop: *snoring*
Finn: Ohcrudohcrudohcrud. *sneaks to Edith Up, but made a a sound, causing the Muffintop to wake up drowsy*
Muffintop: *drowsy* How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?
Finn: Uh........3 and a half?

*Princess Muffintop goes back to sleep, and Edith Up got away*

Finn: Darn.
Pucca: *gasps* *sees her on the apple orchard/catapult testing area*
Eddy: *sees Edith Up eating some apples from a tree* *laughs* Attagirl, Edith Up!

*Edith Up falls on a catapult, launching her into the sky, and landed on a Lakitu's Cloud flying nearby, and Edith floats away*

Eddy: That fairy is crackin' me up!
Rayman: We need a plan to lure her back.
Eddy: Why?

*Edith Up continues grabbing food out of fridges and sniffs a familiar scent she knows*

Edith Up: Ahhhhhh...... *follows the stench*
Betilla: We lure her back to Gourmand Land with one of her favorite smells.
Rayman: A friend of mine who knows a friend who knows a friend told me that fresh blueberry pancakes are one of her favorite smells.
Finn: Ha ha, you must be a riot at parties, Rayman.

- Gourmand Land -

*They lured Edith Up to her gourmet castle, all the way to her bedroom*

Edith Up: *hits the door* *in her sleep* Playing hard to get, huh?
Finn: Grab her, Pucca!
Pucca: Yah! *grabs Edith's legs*
Betilla: She can't fit through her door!
Rayman: Everyone, pull!

*Everyone grabs on Edith Up's legs, and pulls, causing her to get stuck*

Marceline: This girl weighs a freakin' ton!
Sonic: You ain't kidding!

*everyone came to a stop, and Double D flies to the wall while holding her leg*

Edd: I believe she isn't going anywhere.
Holly Luya: She's immobilized for good, this time.
Eddy: We got her right where we want her.

- Gourmand Land 10 AM -

Jake: Edith Up was sleepwalking and eating all of our food. This is messed up.
Finn: Well, we're getting this whole thing fixed.
Edith Up: *pedaling on a bike, panting* How am I doing so far?
PB: So far, you lost 10 pounds of fat, and brought back 35 supplies of food.
Betilla: Maybe you'll have some lunch with us when you're done.
Edith Up: *panting* Well, if I started the whole thing, I have to clean it up too.
Pucca: *giggles, and kisses Garu*
Garu: Hrmm.

*iris out, "Mickey and the Seal Ending Credit music" plays*

*The Red Guy appears on the "The End" card*

Red Guy: Hello, it's me, the Red Guy! *laughs* As you may notice, I am not in this film. *pulls out contract* THIS IS MY CONTRACT! And it has been vi-o-lated! I'M SUPPOSED TO BE IN THIS SHOW! Oh! *laughs* But I'm in this show right now. *looks at contract* Never mind. *laughs*

*fade to black*
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